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Elopements are having a moment. And for the couple craving closeness, connection, and an intimate way to declare your commitment, there’s no better place to start than in each other's arms. Fusing modern style and contemporary romance with heaps of sass, I'll be right there with you for a super romantic and effortlessly cool elopement. Maybe you're engaged and you want to get legally hitched with a mellow and meaningful ceremony with just the two of you. Perhaps you want to quietly celebrate a soon-to-be new arrival with a low key commitment ceremony, or mark a milestone anniversary by renewing your vows. Or maybe you want to capture your love and connection on a date that will forever be your almost-wedding day.


When it comes to making lifelong promises, couples are creating a new normal and doing things a little bit differently. They’re finding new ways to connect with one another, taking time to reflect upon their relationships, and vowing forever in ways that mean the most to them.  Whatever your reasons for affirming your love, we will work together to create a super relaxed, low-key wedding ceremony that is sure to reignite your passion for romance and set your souls alight. 

And the best part? As a result of a recent change in the law, with me as your celebrant, your elopement ceremony can now be legally binding!  Free-spirited lovers, this one's for you. 

I may be biased, but Northern Ireland is definitely the most beautiful place on earth. If it is your dream to elope in Ireland with the dramatic backdrop of the Irish Sea then I am ABSOLUTELY here for that! With the wind, the rain and the unpredictability of the Irish skies, it is essential that you are up for the perfectly imperfect! 


Your gladrags may get a little dusty, your hair might get wet and you will most definitely need to don some boots... but I'll be there with you in the thick of it. Whether a legal marriage or a non-legal commitment ceremony, I want you to have the most perfect day! I'll be there supporting you, guiding you and making sure you have everything you need for the perfect Irish elopement. 




Downtown elopements are unspeakably beautiful. Whilst falling in love with the combination of urban and mountain, and the contrast of historical and modern, we’ve sought out those unique spaces in Belfast City that will help us tell your one-of-a-kind love story.

We're in love with the docklands, drenched in history, and standing on the edge of the cave’s mouth. The evening light that climbs up the concrete and steel remains of the city that was is like nowhere else on earth.

Belfast is a spirited city, unique in history and brimming with modern and moody boho vibes. We will pair these views with the love between you two and let the moment speak for itself.

At your intimate sunset ceremony, you can include rituals to honour your relationship, take new vows and make new promises to one another, or it can simply be an intimate exchange between you and your partner.

Between high tides, urban vibes, or with the boundless beauty of Belfast as your backdrop, you'll speak words straight from your heart, fall in love all over again, and we’ll capture every last gorgeous detail. We know that love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold. So no matter the weather, we’ll grab that evening light and capture your undeniable chemistry just right.


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