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So, you're engaged! Two lovers in love faced with one tough choice... how do we get married? Perhaps you had a religious upbringing but you no longer attend. Perhaps you're an interfaith couple and you don't want to choose one faith over another. Or perhaps religion simply isn't your bag! You've also been to a civil ceremony but it wasn't quite what you're looking for either. 

Whilst both are free from religion, a humanist ceremony differs from a civil ceremony in that it is entirely hand-crafted and reflective of the beliefs and values of the couple, and is conducted by a celebrant who shares their approach to society. More and more people are seeking human-centred ceremonies that capture their own personal progressive, modern human values, and see humanist weddings as a way to stay sincere to their actual worldview. There are two different ways we can work together to nail those nuptials in a way that is true to you.


Imagine a ceremony where absolutely every aspect was built to reflect the love between you and your partner. A ceremony where every word, poem, and song reminds you of those special moments in your relationship to date. A ceremony designed by a celebrant that has put so much love and energy into getting to know who you really are as a pair!

The most essential component of a humanist ceremony, with all the bells and whistles, is getting to know you both. So having insider knowledge of the ins and outs, the funny stories and each other’s little quirks and habits, helps me to create a unique ceremony that’s as individual as you are. The more you tell me, the more unique the ceremony is to you! All of those anecdotes, cute quips and unsavoury stories that you dare to share are sure to make your ceremony one to remember!

So you’re a humanist at heart. The values are your core set of beliefs a humanist ceremony is exactly how you want to get married. But you’re private people. You love the idea of a humanist wedding, but you’re not so keen on the mushy stuff. You want me to marry you, but you don’t want to let the world in on your love story. 

Maybe you met in less 'traditional' circumstances, so sharing your story can feel a little tricky. Maybe your paths crossed at a less-than-ideal time, you've been together for just a matter of months, you met online (and that's your business), it's your second marriage (or third or fourth). Maybe you’re headed off to a much more exotic climate for your non-legal ceremony, and you want to nail the nuptials before you go. You want something personal but pared back. That’s cool! Afterall, Humanist weddings are all about having your day your way.

The bulk of my fee is made up in copywriting time, so it’s only right that this is reflected in the price for you low-key lovers. This service is available Monday through Thursday.



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