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In order to secure a booking on a specified date, an agreed booking fee is to be paid, with the remaining balance to be paid in full a minimum of twelve weeks prior to the wedding date, or before. 


The Celebrant undertakes to make their best endeavours to conduct the ceremony on the Agreed Date and at the Agreed Time stated at booking. If delayed by circumstances beyond their control (including but not limited to severe illness, accident, etc) this will not constitute a breach of contract. In such an event, the celebrant shall give notice to the couple as soon as is practicable and make every effort to provide an alternative celebrant / officiant of the Celebrants choosing to conduct the ceremony from the same script. 

In the event of the wedding being cancelled more than twelve weeks prior to the ceremony date, the booking will be retained by the Celebrant but may be used against an alternative, later ceremony date. Should the celebrant be alternative date, the cancellation policy applies.

In the event of the wedding being cancelled, any payments made at the point of cancellation (deposit and/or balance) will be retained by the Celebrant.

The couple shall be responsible for the insurance of their goods and property and for the insurance of any goods or property provided by the couple for use by a Celebrant.  The Celebrant shall not be liable for any loss or damage of such goods.


I have full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance through Humanists UK. Any claim by the Couple against the Celebrant, shall be limited to the total  value of the service provided. 


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