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From million-pound pitches to intimate elopements, household catchphrases to billboard slogans, copywriting is my bag! I've got all of the skills it takes to pen the pitch-perfect people-pleasing prose that is guaranteed to wow your wedding guests! And most importantly, *enter Beyonce* I talk like this 'cause I can back it up...

With experience writing keynote speeches for Superfamous Sports Stars and Big Name CEO's, and building brands from concept to creation, these skills are what make me and marriage material (pun intended) the perfect pair! In my pursuit to save you brides and grooms from that copy and paste Pinterest panic, there are two ways I can help you perform the most spectacular speech and ensure that you're word perfect on your big day!


So speeches aren't really your thing. You're confident enough to stand up and say a few word's, but you're not quite sure how to make your speech stand out from the crowd. You want to say your thank you's and tell everyone how beautiful they look, but you're afraid that you might channel Father Ted at the Lovely Girls competition circa '96. You want your speech to be memorable for all of the right reasons, but you just need a little guidance along the way... That's where I've got you!

I'll work closely with you, drawing out all of the gorgeous stories, sum and substance that will form the basis of your wedding speech. I'll share with you all of my tips, tricks and trade secrets that will help you to excel in your expression of gratitude, love and light to those that mean the most. Together we'll ensure that your wedding wordsmithing every bit as brilliant as you! 

Your wedding is just around the corner and, in the midst of the madness, you can't seem to find the headspace to put pen to paper in the way your love story deserves. Maybe there is so much you want to communicate that you don't know where to start, or perhaps you know exactly what you want to say but you just aren't quite sure how to articulate it. I'll make it my mission to get to know you and your love story as if it was my own, capturing the true essence of you and your happily ever after. As well as helping you work through that perfectly natural nervousness, we'll collaborate to ensure that you're feeling good and ready to deliver the speech you always dreamed you would on your wedding day!

And I know what you're thinking... But what if it doesn't sound like me? That's where experience is key. And this is not my first rodeo! I'll work to understand you as a person - your interpersonal approach, love languages, patter, manner and communication styles. With some approvals along the way, I'll deliver to you your personalised prose ahead of your big day!


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